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Nigel Vickers
aka Vic

Vic has had a passion for, and been involved with the outdoors and adventure sports for longer than he cares to admit.

This former lecturer and freelance instructor, holds a Diploma in Outdoor Education, and has numerous qualifications recognised by National Governing Bodies. He is a self confessed bikeaholic with an enviable stable of bikes which he has ridden and raced for many years.

Your Bike Almanzora guides at play - Einat Your Bike Almanzora guides at play - Vic

Einat (pronounced AY-NAT) Shynman–Vickers
aka The Enduro Queen

Israeli born Einat who is fluent in three languages also has an outdoor background holding equestrian qualifications at the highest level. Einat has an addiction to all things bike related, is an elite class racer and competes in an average of two enduros a month on one of her 4 mountain bikes. She is a well known character on the Spanish racing scene who regularly visits the podium with others from her local club C.C. Albojense.


Nigel Vickers Einat Shynman-Vickers

They met in a Spanish bike shop nine years ago, discovered a joint love of mountain biking, set up home together, and have for the last four years been "new routing" in the Almanzora Valley. They have amassed considerable personal riding experience and local knowledge which complements their S.M.B.L.A. qualifications and training, making them perfect hosts to help you get the most from your MTB break.

* Both Vic and Einat have advanced/expedition first aid certification

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