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The best moutain trails

Spain has the highest average altitude in Europe and the Sierra de los Filabres is just one of many mountain ranges to rise above 2,000 metres (Calar Alto 2,168 metres). The terrain in the Filabres differs greatly according to altitude and it is not uncommon for the higher peaks to be snow covered for several weeks each year.

Bike Almanzora does most of it's riding between 400 and 1,200 metres, this offers the best selection of terrain and trail conditions for most of the year. We have routes of all grades from beginner to expert which venture deep into the back country where it is impracticable for vehicle to follow. Some of these routes especially the longer ones are both physically and technically demanding all however can be ridden at an enjoyable relaxed pace.

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On occasions we use the Bike Almanzora mini bus to gain a higher starting point. The Bike Almanzora Quad is used on most routes for support, delivering treats and is usually only a radio call away. Although we do have some "Gran Recorridos" and "Pequeno Recorridos" (way-marked long and short distance footpaths maintained by National and Local Authorities), the majority of our routes remain unmarked, off the map and give bermless, ungroomed "Proper Mountain Biking" utilising access tracks, ancient rights of way, goat trails, hunter's paths, ridge lines, traverses, singletrack and rockgardens. It's all totally natural, dry and dusty, steep and fast, loose and rocky and tourist free.

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